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Indy 500 today; were you aware?
Is everybody pumped up about the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 this weekend?  No?  Well, probably not.  I get it.

You are probably focused on getting to the local pool, cooking out with friends and spending some time honoring our fallen service members (which is eminently more important). 

Historically, the Indy 500 used to grab America's attention like no other race.  According to Indianapolis Motor Speedway historian Donald Davidson, "There was nothing like it.  There was Christmas, there was Easter and there was the Indianapolis 500."

That just isn't the case anymore.  The Indy 500 doesn't pop into your Facebook feed and you have to hunt for it on any sports media site.  Sports culture, let alone pop culture, doesn't revolve around Speedway, Ind. in May like it used to.

While doing research for this post, most of my searches on "Indy 500 popularity" only produced articles a year old or older.  There was a…

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