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NFL Week Three Cheat Sheet

Go Army, Beat Tulane!

I am away from my Hoosier Homeland here along the Potomac, but I am always surrounded by my Army family in this "company town." Had some old Army friends over last night for pizza, ping-pong, and proper preparation for today's Army game.

Picture is from last fall in Carlisle, Pennsylvania -- missed an opportunity to take a photo last night.
Winnable game for the Army team today. Excellent preview by Dan Head on his blog.

Indiana Football Hoosiers didn't play Florida International last week due to the weather. That is a winnable game off the schedule. They need to get the running game going and secure a victory today versus Georgian Southern.

NFL Week Three

Another good week last week with 12 out of 16 correct. When I initially looked at this week's slate of games, I breezed through 16 selections and felt pretty confident. Upon further review, it wouldn't shock me to see 10 of the remaining 15 games go opposite of my prediction.

I am reall…

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