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Life Gets in the Way

Been a busy week, folks. Work and family, and nothing else, really. I am checking the block this week...making the picks, and that is it.

This is me struggling to get this blog out.
For the second week in a row, I am going with all of the favorites. A couple of dudes that I was hanging out with last night are all in on the Jaguars (upset), one of them has money on the Saints (upset) "straight up." So you have to assume the upsets are there like last weekend, but I am not getting a gut feel on one.

[NOTE: There are 11 games in an NFL playoff as currently structured. Last year, the favorite won 10 of those 11 games. We are already ahead of that pace this year.]

This is the best weekend of pro football for the entire year. Like last week, there are four games strategically placed so you can watch all of them, but the competition is one round of elimination better than last week's Wild Card Weekend. And, you may not have to go to work on Monday.

We have family coming into tow…

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