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NFL Week Eleven Cheat Sheet

So what do you want to talk about this week in our opening paragraphs before we get to the cheat sheet?

If you want to discuss current events, we can talk about a senatorial candidate hunting "barely legal" girlfriends or maybe a sitting senator shoving his tongue down the throat of a pin-up model-turned-radio personality.

How about we avert our eyes from the news for a minute and talk some college football?

Alex Funderburke of posted a great college football bowl projection this week. He thinks Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, and Wisconsin will make the four-team championship playoff.  I really hope it pans out like he has predicted.

Seriously, give Alex Funderburke a read.
I don't want to see two teams from the same conference in the final four-team tournament, and I definitely don't want to see a team that didn't win their own conference in the championship tournament. Yeah, I am looking at you Ohio State who lost to Penn State last year, finished sec…

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