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NBA Stratification - Where Does Your Team Rank?

Hear along the Potomac, one of the sports talk radio discussions I heard leading up to the June 21 National Basketball Association draft was whether the Washington Wizards could elevate from their "B-level" status through the draft, trades or free agency this summer.

The NBA is definitely a stratified league where a few usual suspects (A-level) always end up competing for the title in June. The rest of the association is relegated to low playoff seed mediocrity (B-level) or tanking and rebuilding (C-level) in an effort to catch a once-in-a-lifetime star in the draft. The draft is a fun night where teams swap picks and players in an effort to jump to contender status or solidify their elite position.

Adam Fromal of Bleacher Report arrayed all 30 NBA franchises based on historical winning percentage, playoff appearances, finals appearances, championships, and All-Stars prior to this season. His ranking of the franchises takes into account the entire history of the NBA, not jus…

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